Senior Sessions



Don’t use a lot of hairspray or gel when you come in to do your senior portraits. Your hair should move freely with you as you move. Don’t forget to take that pesky hair band off of your wrist. Always bring your hairbrush or comb with you. Don’t go and get your hair cut the day before your appointment, give it a week or two to grow and look a little more natural.


Try to stay away from neon colors, keep your nails in good shape, girls and GUYS need to try to keep them manicured if at all possible.  Be aware that little chips in the nail polish will show, so make sure to touch them up beforehand.


Oily skin, especially on your face is the enemy, the oil will make shiny spots on your pictures, (especially on your forehead).  Wear a non oily foundation makeup if you tend to have oily skin. *BRING* translucent powder to refresh your make-up during your senior portrait shoot. You can also get face blotters at the beauty supply or at your makeup counter that are good for absorbing excess oil without messing up your makeup. Don’t wear lotions or makeup with glitter in them, because that glitter will show up as tiny little white spots all over your skin.


Use neutral and earthy tones when searching for the right stuff.  Avoid using pastels and frosted shadows. Make sure to have a fresh tube of mascara so its less likely to clump up on ya.


Make sure your lips aren’t cracked and chapped on the day of your senior portraits, those will stick out big time if you don’t keep them moisturized.


Nice to include a special piece of jewelry in your portraits, but it can easily be overdone, so try to cut down on the excess jewelry.


Many poses we do with senior girls have their arms over their head and if you are wearing sleeveless tops, stubble will show and it’s not pretty. Boys should be sure to shave their beards for the same reason.


The goal for senior portraits is always to have the person be the prominent subject in the photograph, not the clothing, so try to stay away from busy patterns and brighter colors.  Also never wear a lighter colored top with a darker colored bottom, it will make you look a little disproportioned, and it is very unflattering. Try to stay away from logo’s and stuff on your T-shirts, the only thing they do is date your portraits, which is the exact opposite of what you want.  You want memories that last a life time, you don’t want to look back 20 years from now and wonder why in the world you wore that shirt.

***Girls, make sure to bring either a strapless shirt for your drapeshot, or a tank top to where you can take the straps down off of your shoulders.  If you can’t bring a tanktop or something of the sort, then we will provide something for you to wear but your top would make you feel more comfortable!!

..Oh and one more thing,